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Encourage Each Other – Stephanie’s Story

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Today’s inspiring story comes from Stephanie at

My partner and I have been together for 10 years now, and are having our wedding in May 2020. Our relationship, like every other, have had its ups and downs. Our major struggle was in 2010, 1 year into our relationship, when I became ill with a chronic illness.

We had just fell in love, and enjoyed having romantic dates and spending all of our time together.  We soon had to adjust our relationship, as I was bed bound for a few months when first diagnosed. We went from having fun out with the home, to spending days tucked up in bed watching our favorite movies.
We had to learn what our new ‘normal’ would be. And sacrificed missing out on everything we previously loved doing together.

Communication is a big part of our relationship, and has helped us get through a lot of problems that we both have had.  I often worry that John is missing out on living life to the fullest, due to me holding him back. However he always assures me that this is the life he wants to live, with me.

To be honest, we are a couple that very rarely argue, but when we do, we never go to bed on bad terms. We both like to talk it over, and realize when to say sorry, whether we think we are in the wrong or not.

Advise I would give to other couples, is learn what each other’s flaws and struggles are, and always be there to encourage and make each other the best version of themselves as possible. Laughter is always the best medicine, and makes life a little more enjoyable each day.

Having an illness has made me appreciate the little things in life, and I am so grateful to have a supportive partner by my side.


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